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Kanjorski Partners' founders have over 25 years of hands-on credit and collection industry experience. From credit issuing and defaulted credit collections to client relations, portfolio analytics and management consulting, we have extensive experience in the following areas:

Credit & Collection Industry Consulting-

  • Account scoring and account-level predictive analytics

  • Credit risk assessment and account-level post-underwriting monitoring

  • Valuation of credit portfolios (performing, semi-performing and non-performing)

  • Cash flow and predictive modeling for credit portfolios

  • Sourcing and acquisition of credit portfolio assets

  • Financing credit portfolio assets (both senior and second-lien/equity positions)

  • Workflow and management consulting for collection agencies

  • Legal collection platform (national and captive network)

  • Asset searches and judgment recovery

  • Dashboard collection analytics setup and monitoring

  • Decision analytics (non-legal & legal collection, probability of recovery/liquidation)

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