Financing & Refinancing Available for Small Cap Companies - $1mm to $5mm of Capital - Private Credit (Merchant Bank)

Revolving Credit Facilities

Term Loans

Senior-Secured Financing

Mezzanine Financing

Interest Rates mid-teens to mid-twenties annualized (pending underwriting and position)

Flexible Terms and Traditional Loan Terms

Facilities can open within 30 days or less from application submission

New loans can sit behind SBA loans in the cap stack

$1mm to $5mm loan sizes

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Finance or Refinance Your Consumer Debt Portfolio Purchases

Kanjorski Partners, LLC can assist consumer debt buyers and collection agencies in refinancing their purchased consumer debt portfolios and with financing for their future purchases.

Eliminate fixed monthly payment amortization and remit monthly on a gross cash flow percentage basis.

Both equity and debt financing structures are available for refinancing existing purchases or for financing new purchases.

For a FREE portfolio appraisal and a quote for financing or refinancing, contact us today to setup a consultation.

Zeroing - Revolutionary Marketing Platform for Accounts Receivable Management

Kanjorski Partners has engaged on a consulting basis with Liquid Global Company (“Liquid GC”) to deliver predictive analytics, inventory and asset management services for Liquid GC’s online marketing platform which is a vendor service for the credit and collections industry.

  • Liquid GC’s “Zeroing” platform is an online debt management tool for consumers

  • Consumers can clear up overdue accounts with an easy, Do-It-Yourself tool

  • After registering with Zeroing, consumers can view any past due accounts in Zeroing’s database.

  • This can be done anytime or anywhere — on a computer, tablet or phone.

Zeroing is NOT a debt collector. It is an online marketing vendor for account management.

Zeroing acts as an online marketing platform to drive consumers to voluntarily pay on their current, past due, delinquent or charged off accounts.

Zeroing can be used to market to consumers while your traditional channels of collections or “debt collectors” (agencies and collection law firms) are attempting to reach your consumers.

Boost your liquidations and collections with an extra collection channel.

Learn more at

Collection Law Firm Inventory & Workflow Management

Kanjorski Partners recently entered into a monthly service agreement with a collection law firm for payer identification and account scoring services of all existing and newly placed inventory.

Chance of Collection (tm), our payer identification scoring model is able to identify which defaulted, charged off or judgment accounts will pay in the future. Our collection law firm client uses the Chance of Collection (tm) model to determine which newly placed accounts go to the top of the workflow pile for their attorneys and paralegals to begin reviewing and processing.

We also reviewed all dormant judgment accounts in the law firm’s inventory to determine the most profitable course of action for post judgment remedies by identifying which judgments have the highest propensity to pay.

Here is a white paper on our Chance of Collection (tm) analytics model services

“Chance of Collection” (tm) Overview

Creditor Dormant Judgment Inventory Review and Monetization

Kanjorksi Partners recently assisted a subrogation, collection and creditor rights law firm in reviewing their dormant judgment inventory. Chance of Collection (tm), our proprietary analytics model, was able to identify concentrated and specific portions of the total creditor judgment inventory out of a large pool of dormant judgments that will pay in the near future. Our Chance of Collection (tm) model also identified assets such as bank accounts, brokerage accounts, other personal property and places of employment to aid in post-judgment executions and remedies.

This dormant judgment inventory review has enabled our client, the collection law firm, to focus their resources and production time specifically on the judgment accounts that will produce maximum fee revenue and net back to their clients.

Here is a white paper on our Chance of Collection (tm) analytics model services

“Chance of Collection” (tm) Overview

"Chance of Collection"(tm) Predictive Payment Analytics Scoring Model for Defaulted Credit Accounts

Kanjorski Partners, LLC announces its exclusive agreement with “Chance of Collection” (tm), a proprietary predictive algorithmic scoring model that identifies accounts in a defaulted or charged off status that have a high propensity to pay.

The “Chance of Collection” (tm) scoring model is customized client-by-client to produce results through back tested, predictive analytics in the following areas:

(1) COLLECTION AGENCIES- prioritizes accounts by propensity to pay, estimated percentage of payment in each score tranche and also estimated amount and/or term of payments to be expected; increases profitability and efficiency by enabling a collection agency to work less accounts and collect more for their clients

(2) CREDITORS- identifies delinquent accounts that have the highest propensity to “cure” prior to charge off as well as which accounts to keep internally and which accounts to outsource/sell; segments accounts by propensity to fall into delinquency; identifies accounts that are in danger of future bankruptcy; provides recommendations on which accounts to send to litigation with the highest chance of recovery to produce optimal net charge off rates for credit issuers

(3) COLLECTION LAW FIRMS- identifies which accounts in the paralegal’s queue to pursue first for litigation; pinpoints specifically which judgments to focus on monetizing and provides judgment debtor asset information as well as place of employment for judgment execution

Download an overview from the link below of how the “Chance of Collection” (tm) scoring model works:

“Chance of Collection” (tm) Overview

$100mm Senior Credit Facility For Purchasing Defaulted Consumer Receivable Assets

Kanjorski Partners, LLC has secured a $100mm senior credit facility for one of our clients to purchase semi-performing and non-performing defaulted consumer credit receivables assets. We sourced this credit facility for our client from our network of alternative asset finance and capital partners.

Kanjorski Partners, LLC is also contracted to source, analyze and price assets for acquisition with this revolving senior credit facility.