"Chance of Collection"(tm) Predictive Payment Analytics Scoring Model for Defaulted Credit Accounts

Kanjorski Partners, LLC announces its exclusive agreement with “Chance of Collection” (tm), a proprietary predictive algorithmic scoring model that identifies accounts in a defaulted or charged off status that have a high propensity to pay.

The “Chance of Collection” (tm) scoring model is customized client-by-client to produce results through back tested, predictive analytics in the following areas:

(1) COLLECTION AGENCIES- prioritizes accounts by propensity to pay, estimated percentage of payment in each score tranche and also estimated amount and/or term of payments to be expected; increases profitability and efficiency by enabling a collection agency to work less accounts and collect more for their clients

(2) CREDITORS- identifies delinquent accounts that have the highest propensity to “cure” prior to charge off as well as which accounts to keep internally and which accounts to outsource/sell; segments accounts by propensity to fall into delinquency; identifies accounts that are in danger of future bankruptcy; provides recommendations on which accounts to send to litigation with the highest chance of recovery to produce optimal net charge off rates for credit issuers

(3) COLLECTION LAW FIRMS- identifies which accounts in the paralegal’s queue to pursue first for litigation; pinpoints specifically which judgments to focus on monetizing and provides judgment debtor asset information as well as place of employment for judgment execution

Download an overview from the link below of how the “Chance of Collection” (tm) scoring model works:

“Chance of Collection” (tm) Overview