Creditor Dormant Judgment Inventory Review and Monetization

Kanjorksi Partners recently assisted a subrogation, collection and creditor rights law firm in reviewing their dormant judgment inventory. Chance of Collection (tm), our proprietary analytics model, was able to identify concentrated and specific portions of the total creditor judgment inventory out of a large pool of dormant judgments that will pay in the near future. Our Chance of Collection (tm) model also identified assets such as bank accounts, brokerage accounts, other personal property and places of employment to aid in post-judgment executions and remedies.

This dormant judgment inventory review has enabled our client, the collection law firm, to focus their resources and production time specifically on the judgment accounts that will produce maximum fee revenue and net back to their clients.

Here is a white paper on our Chance of Collection (tm) analytics model services

“Chance of Collection” (tm) Overview