Zeroing - Revolutionary Marketing Platform for Accounts Receivable Management

Kanjorski Partners has engaged on a consulting basis with Liquid Global Company (“Liquid GC”) to deliver predictive analytics, inventory and asset management services for Liquid GC’s online marketing platform which is a vendor service for the credit and collections industry.

  • Liquid GC’s “Zeroing” platform is an online debt management tool for consumers

  • Consumers can clear up overdue accounts with an easy, Do-It-Yourself tool

  • After registering with Zeroing, consumers can view any past due accounts in Zeroing’s database.

  • This can be done anytime or anywhere — on a computer, tablet or phone.

Zeroing is NOT a debt collector. It is an online marketing vendor for account management.

Zeroing acts as an online marketing platform to drive consumers to voluntarily pay on their current, past due, delinquent or charged off accounts.

Zeroing can be used to market to consumers while your traditional channels of collections or “debt collectors” (agencies and collection law firms) are attempting to reach your consumers.

Boost your liquidations and collections with an extra collection channel.

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